Replica of Santo Domingo de Guzmán travels along with promisers the neighborhoods of Districts VI and VII

With great hubbub, color and music from chicheros, the promisers accompanied the tour made by the replica of the Patron Saint of Managuas, in the neighborhoods of District VI and VII of the capital, in charge of the Traditionalist Committee of the Indians.

Marisela Ocón, from the Traditionalist Committee of the Indians, announced that there are already 5 years of tradition in the Sabana Grande region, thanks to the coordination with the Municipality and the Good Government.

“We thank them because this type of activity was not carried out, but we coordinated and brought the festivity here, thus rescuing the culture and traditions. We have the full support of the community, on the route we take people give us food, others come with promises of giving drinks, people attend to us and many are added to the route we take”, shared Ocón.

The tour began in Sabana Grande and passed through different sectors of this town, including the Guardabarranco neighborhood, La Maravilla, Villa Dignidad, culminating in the La Curva neighborhood park, with ribbon races, cultural activities, fairs and a joyful party.

“I am devoted to him, my cute little boy, I keep asking him, I am already 81 years old and I want to live longer, I made him a promise to dance for him and he will perform the miracle of curing my little eye,” said Doña Justina Jirón Obando.

Por su parte, doña Guillermina Poveda manifestó que lleva 3 años de ser devota de Santo Domingo, “vengo pagando esta promesa por un hijo que fue quebrado de un pie, yo que tengo problemas en mis dos manos y por un niñito que ahorita tengo enfermo y yo sé que él me lo va a sanar”.

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