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Music and Song in homage to Camilo Zapata

With a waste of talent, the Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power of Managua held the Camilo Zapata Music and Singing Contest on the afternoon of this Friday, August 5, in the William Martínez Park of District I of the capital, as part of the activities in greeting to the Traditional Festivities of the People of Managua.

For this municipal contest, three categories were defined, with the participation of boys, girls, adolescents and young people between 9 and 35 years of age from the 7 Districts of Managua.

"From the Mayor's Office of Managua we are carrying out the first edition of the Music and Singing contest, with the aim of strengthening talent in children and young people. Districts I, II, III and IV are participating here, we have 10 participants in this place, but in parallel also Districts V, VI and VII”, informed the Secretary of the Managua Council, Jennifer Porras López.

The capital official shared that this work is carried out in coordination with the Leonel Rugama Cultural Movement and the Sandinista Youth, who have set out to identify new talents.

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