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Mercado Iván Montenegro maintains promotions and discounts on all its products

With great expectations are the merchants of the Iván Montenegro Market, when the patron saint festivities of Managua are celebrated, for which they invited the families of the capital to make their purchases for this coming August 10, which already have attractive offers and promotions in clothing , shoes, among other items for personal use, always maintaining solidarity prices on products from the basic basket, fruits, vegetables, meats and dairy products.

During the usual visit to the markets, on the morning of this Friday, August 5, the Mayor of Managua, Reyna Rueda Alvarado, affirmed that the 8 markets of the capital are fully supplied and with development works.

“Today we had the blessing of sharing with the merchants of the Iván Montenegro market, where they offer their products at good prices, here the money does pay, all in homage to the Managua festivities, they have made extraordinary sales in leather, footwear, shirts to table, in the products of the basic basket the prices are maintained and the families like every Friday or payment dates visit our markets”, added Rueda.

The merchants are waiting for the Nicaraguan families, where they will be treated with quality and warmth, as stated by the merchant Adriana Vargas from the El Pelón clothing store, "I invite the entire population for this 10th, to visit us this weekend of the week to buy hats, shirts, dresses, pants, we have discounts and a royalty, for the purchase of a thousand pesos we give you a men's or women's wallet”.

"We invite everyone to come and buy boots, shoes, quality is the best here at Iván Montenegro, we look for everything you want, we always wait for you," said merchant Conny Espinoza Navarro.

As part of the efforts carried out at the inter-institutional level, cleaning is guaranteed in this market with permanent workers from the Municipality, as well as prevention measures guided by the Ministry of Health and, in addition, security is provided by the National Police, so that merchants work with peace of mind and consumers make their purchases with confidence.

In Iván Montenegro, the construction of a collection center for solid waste and two warehouses will soon be carried out in the Las Cuajaditas sector, the municipal authorities reported.

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