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People from the capital enjoy the Catwalk Festival of folk costumes

From Plaza Soberanía, the Managua Citizen Power Mayor's Office, in coordination with the Leonel Rugama Cultural Movement and the July 19 Sandinista Youth, held the Catwalk Festival of folkloric fantasy costumes this Friday, August 5, as part of the activities in salute to the Managua Festival.

More than 20 young people from all the Districts of Managua participated in this festival of folk costumes where they showed the culture and history of Nicaraguan traditions.

The festival was attended by comrade Jennifer Porras López, secretary of the Managua Council, who stated that they continue to make a homeland, "with tradition, culture, making a homeland with our popular identity of our original peoples."

"We will continue to carry out different activities, but always accompanied by the Leonel Rugama Cultural Movement, who will be with us tonight, enjoying this cultural and artistic evening of men and women who have excelled in dance and dance, dedicated to the memory and all the effort that our great artists have had, throughout our history in Managua and throughout the country” concluded Porras.

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