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Inhabitants of the La Hoyada region inaugurate their first paved streets

The inhabitants of the La Hoyada region located in District I, after a long wait of more than 50 years, inaugurated their first streets lined with hydraulic concrete, the new road work is located at the main entrance and benefits 800 inhabitants.

The improvement project has a scope of 3 blocks with an investment of 2.3 million córdobas and was executed through the District I Annual Investment Plan.

Reyna Rueda Alvarado, Mayor of Managua, explained that these streets were in their natural state for many years and have come to transform the life of the entire community.

“Celebrating with the 160 families that live at this point, because this community in times of rain was totally cut off, the roads were divided due to the characteristics of the area, to build this street a study was made of what we had to do, it was a very difficult road due to the slope of the street, in winter we had this region as a critical point, these are the profound transformations that our government is making, led by Commander Daniel and Vice President Rosario Murillo,” said Rueda.

During the delivery ceremony, Rueda informed the protagonists that the Annual Investment Plan in this District is 94 percent complete and that the Streets for the People Program will serve 1,169 blocks of road network, thanks to the support of Good Government.

Luisa Molina was born in this region and she explains that from now on her life will change forever, thanks to the new project.

“You have no idea, as life was for us in times of rain we could not even walk, nor did vehicles enter our community, we are proud of our government and our President because he has been the only one who remembered us in 50 years”.

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