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District 3 performs dance competition honoring the legacy of Flor María Pérez

Strengthening the Nicaraguan cultural traditions and authenticity, the Capital District developed the folkloric dance contest in homage to the teacher Flor María Pérez, founder of the Irene López Dance Ensemble.

The competition took place in the Héroes del Bocay park in District III, in salute to the Traditional Festivals of Managua, a space where young people had the opportunity to demonstrate the steps of folk dances that have endured from generation to generation.

During the event, the qualifying jury made up of Professor Elving Vanegas, Cultural Advisor of the Municipality, and Allison Rebeca Fonseca Castillo, candidate for Queen of Summer, evaluated the choreographic quality, traditional steps, originality of the clothing that highlights the conservation of its color, in addition to oral expression, with a historical review on the contribution to the dance art of the honoree.

Five dance groups were present at this call, where the Folkloric Ballet Ritmos de mi Tierra won, with the piece Solar de Monimbó, one of the best-known dance performances of this great teacher Flor María Pérez.

Vanegas announced that it is the first time that a massive tribute is paid to 7 dance masters, who left a great legacy in the Nicaraguan roots, “this is where the fruits of the seeds sown by the master Alejandro Cuadra are seen; the first folklorologist in Nicaragua, Bayardo Ortiz, and in this case we are paying tribute to Flor María Pérez, who was the forerunner and founder of the Irene López Ballet, a great teacher,” he stressed.

In the same way, Moisés Bautista, Municipal Promoter of the Commune, highlighted the importance of following this legacy, "from a very young age we have the opportunity to practice Nicaraguan folklore, our Good Government through the Mayor's Offices and institutions guarantee us that our children, youth and even adults can dance, sing, practice painting, music and that is thanks to the plans of the Sandinista Government”.

“For me it is a great honor, because apart from performing a piece that remained in the legacy of Flor María Pérez, it is also a piece of our Nicaraguan folklore, from Masaya itself, the cradle of our folklore and it fills me with pride”, said Ana Yancy Solano, a member of the Rhythms of my Land Ballet Folkloric group, which won first place.

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