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Miss Lizzi Nelson District Folk Dance Competition

With the aim of promoting and strengthening traditions and cultural identity, a dance contest was held in homage to the teacher Miss Lizzi Nelson and in greeting to the Traditional Festivals of the People of Managua.

The activity was chaired by comrade Jennifer Porras López, Secretary of the Managua Council, who said that this cultural event takes place in all districts and this Thursday it took place in District II, where young people from different neighborhoods participated. this section of the capital.

This activity was organized by the Municipality in coordination with the Leonel Rugama Cultural Movement, where a qualifying jury chose the dance group "Alma Misteriosa" from the Cristo del Rosario neighborhood, who met the parameters for this election, which was: choreographic quality , the traditional steps and the conservation of the traditional colors in the costumes.

Also, in this event, the figure of Miss Elizabeth Forbes, known as Lizzie Nelson, was highlighted, who was an outstanding dance artist in the Nicaraguan Caribbean Coast and in her life she dedicated herself to teaching, promoting and preserving the ancestral culture of the Creoles.

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