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Conversation on the customs of the Traditional Festivals of Managua 2022

The Department of Historical Heritage of the Capital District, held this Wednesday, August 3, a discussion on the customs and cultural heritage of the Traditional Festivals of Managua 2022.

“We are holding a conversation with traditionalists, with authentic Managuas who have participated for decades in Managua's Patron Saint Festivities, today we are going to talk about Doña Chica Vaca, about Lisímaco Chávez, about the old ship that circulated through old Managua more than 50 years ago. years, now a ship sponsored by the Mayor's Office of Managua, we are going to talk about the little devils, the Indians, the promising ones, a very broad conversation where all the traditions of the Santo Domingo festivities will be exposed”, said the Vice Mayor of Managua, Enrique Armas Rosales, during this colloquium.

Clemente Guido, Director of Historical Heritage, highlighted that traditionalists, historians, anthropologists are part of this conversation, "the roots of these festivals will be studied a bit, their evolution, through time, their modifications, with the clarification that Santo Domingo de Guzmán is much older than what had been credited to it, the festivities go further back, we already have proof that they were already celebrated”.

“We have been carrying out an extensive agenda for the Managua festivities, with the aim of promoting our cultural and local identity, we have held contests that have honored great artists of the different expressions of art, dance, music, of the plastic arts, cultural values that are important for the development of our Managua”, added Griselda Rivas, Director of Culture of the Municipality.

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