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Fully lined streets in the René Polanco neighborhood of District V

Prioritizing the well-being of families in the capital, the Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power of Managua built 5 new blocks with asphalt in the René Polanco neighborhood, benefiting 2,730 inhabitants, through the special plan of the Calles para el Pueblo Program, with which 100 percent of the paved streets in this sector are completed, said the Secretary of the Managua Council, Jennifer Porras López, during the inauguration ceremony.

“With great joy, with much love enjoying with families, children, adolescents and the elderly, who today receive these 5 blocks. This René Polanco neighborhood has had a great development during this second stage of the Revolution, in road improvement works, storm drainage, managing to improve its conditions, because they already have access to the garbage truck, the firefighters and the truck that supplies the sales, that means prosperity for us”, said Porras.

The families spent more than 40 years with the streets in their natural state and today, satisfied, they receive one more work, which had an investment of 2 million 454 thousand 361 córdobas, being part of the development of a passable and accessible road network.

“It is very pleasing, it was a joy to receive 5 more blocks, a project that comes to contribute a lot to the community, because it was impassable to pass, a caponera did not pass you, you stayed there thrown away, now we can have security, the ambulances are already coming, before we had that carrying the patient was complicated, now we are grateful to God, to Commander Daniel and Compañera Rosario”, said the protagonist Scarleth López.

For her part, Mrs. Martha Irene Oporta Centeno, stated that thanks to the Sandinista Government they have many achievements, with all their streets paved, which have improved their living conditions.

The municipal authorities reported that the Good Government has been working since 2009 in this neighborhood, with storm drainage, sanitary drainage and road improvement projects, to date a little more than 15 million córdobas has been invested and for this year 2022 in this District V will invest 30 million cordobas in 19 projects, through the Annual Investment Plan.

At the beginning of this month of August, the Streets for the People Program has progressed 66 percent with 772 blocks served, of the 1,169 blocks that will be improved this year, the initial goal being 833 blocks, but with the increase in the plan scope will be extended.

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