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150 young people participate in the dance contest of District I in tribute to the teacher Alejandro Cuadra

With the aim of rescuing, promoting, and strengthening popular traditions and Nicaraguan cultural identity, the Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power of Managua, in coordination with the Leonel Rugama Cultural Movement, held the first district dance contest in homage to maestro Alejandro Cuadra, founder of the Macehuatl Folkloric Ballet, on the afternoon of this Wednesday, August 03, in the amphitheater of the Luis Alfonso Velásquez Flores Park.

Mayor Reyna Rueda Alvarado shared that this District I contest is part of the first edition of music, singing, folkloric dance and painting or drawing contests, which are held in salute to the Traditional Festivals of Managua.

“Today we are holding the first municipal folk dance contest, where the 7 districts will be participating, we started with District I, where 150 dancers signed up who are going to delight us, inspired by the great teacher Alejandro Cuadra, that heritage of folkloric dance, a recognition that all of Nicaragua gives him,” said Rueda.

During the call, 8 dance groups registered and part of the parameters to choose the winners of the competition were the choreographic quality, traditional steps and conservation of the traditional colors in the costumes, highlighted the Director of Culture of the Municipality, Griselda Rivas .

“Everyone from District I of Managua, emerging groups, amateurs, also professional groups that have come together to pay tribute to Don Alejandro Cuadra, in this recognition of our culture, through his choreographies, costumes, cultural research, legacy to our young people, we want to keep our tradition alive”, added Rivas.

The qualifying jury was made up of a member of the Leonel Rugama Movement, a member of the Adán Castillo dance school and a cultural promoter from the Managua Mayor's Office.

The competition was quite close due to the talent of all the young participants, with the winner being the Jilinjoche Folkloric Ballet, with the musical piece La Vaca Chota.

In this way, the Capital District celebrates the Fiestas de Managua, paying homage to the great dance artists such as: Alejandro Cuadra, Lizzi Elliot, Flor de María Pérez, Nina Moreno, Bayardo Ortiz, Sergio Herradora and Heriberto Mercado.

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