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Calles para el Pueblo program resurfaces alternate route in the San José Oriental neighborhood

The Calles para el Pueblo Program through the recarpeteo modality, renewed the asphalt layer of 4 blocks in the San José Oriental neighborhood of District IV, the road project had an investment of 2 million 056 thousand córdobas and directly benefits more of 4 thousand protagonists.

The Mayor of Managua, Reyna Rueda Alvarado, during the delivery of the project highlighted the importance of the new streets due to their location.

These streets are more than 30 years old since they were covered for the first time, they had not been maintained and were deteriorated by the use of families living in the surroundings, today they are part of a passable and accessible road network, we continue to celebrate our festivities with joy traditions, these 4 blocks are located at a vital point in the neighborhood and form an alternate route that joins the Rigoberto López Pérez, San José Oriental and La Tenderí neighborhoods, they also serve to access the Pista Juan Pablo II, benefiting all children who study at the Sagrada Familia II school”, explained Rueda.

María Cecilia García, on behalf of the inhabitants of the San José Oriental neighborhood, thanked the authorities of the Commune, Mayor Rueda, as well as the Sandinista Government, because they now have new streets for the well-being of families who live in peace and tranquility.

"We as a community are happy because our government is restoring us the right to have completely renovated streets, those brothers and sisters who use crutches, wheelchairs, today in the San José Oriental neighborhood we are celebrating, because one can already walk without getting muddy in the winter, caponeras and taxis can now take us to our homes and older adults can now circulate better here in the neighborhood”.

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