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Traditional Palo Lucio brings together the inhabitants of the capital for 47 consecutive years

Hundreds of people attended the Palo Lucio Candle organized by the traditionalist José María Barahona known as Chema Pelón, for 47 years.

The municipal authorities accompanied the attendees of Palo Lucio at the same time they reported that they worked in coordination with other State institutions, to guarantee citizen security during the 10 days of celebration.

To the festivity Mayor Reyna Rueda Alvarado and Vice Mayor Enrique Armas Rosales who were accompanying Don Chema. Rueda stated that these are the largest parties in Nicaragua, highlighting the massiveness of the families.

"Our Good Government continues to promote our customs, our traditions, our gastronomy, our music, our dance and our families have really enjoyed it," said Rueda.

For his part, Vice Mayor Armas pointed out that he had never seen so many families enjoying these festivities, “tonight, like the one we are seeing in July-August 2022, there is only one explanation: people are happy, people are happy, people is at peace, people want to enjoy their music, their customs, their traditions and participate in the festivities”.

El Palo Lucio is an event full of merriment and expressions of popular culture with dances, philharmonic music and gunpowder. The traditionalist Chema Pelón expressed that it is a promise that he makes to Santo Domingo for his daughter and must be celebrated with devotion, "I invite the people from the neighborhoods of Managua to come around and see Palo Lucio here."

Eduardo Barahona "Chemita Junior" thanked the Good Government, the Mayor's Office of Managua, Firefighters and the National Police for the support they have given to these parties.

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