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Managuas celebrate Traditional Boat Sailing

Families from the San Judas neighborhood and surrounding areas enjoy the traditional Vela del Barco in an atmosphere of joy and festivity.

During the activity, food and the traditional Chicha de las 7 Quebradas were distributed in the house of the traditionalist Lisímaco Chávez (RIP).

The festivity was attended by the Mayor Reyna Rueda Alvarado, Mayordoma of the Traditional Festivities of the People of Managua, in which she shared that these festivities take place with the joy of living in peace. Likewise, he pointed out the support provided by the Good Government to the promotion of culture and tradition, in a festive and safe environment.

“We have enjoyed these Fiestas de Managua from the first moment that the Mayordomía was granted to us, we are very happy and grateful, we see the attendance of the families that has been massive in all the activities that we have had and they have enjoyed it, that is the joy to live in peace and security. Long live the Fiestas de Managua, long live the Nicaraguan families and long live our Good Government,” said Rueda.

Raymond Lisímico Chávez thanked the Sandinista Government that is always present in these traditional festivities, "we have a revelry that fills all of us Nicaraguans, and for almost a week we have been celebrating traditional activities, where families have attended these activities with order and discipline. parties and that fills us as organizers”.

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