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Barrio San José Oriental celebrates with hubbub bullfight and election of the queen of the Patron Saint Festivities

Hundreds of people from the capital enjoyed pure adrenaline in the traditional bullfight that has been taking place for 29 years in the San José Oriental neighborhood, which is organized by the Traditionalist Committee of the Big Ass Cows.

The bullfighting afternoon that marks the beginning of the August festivities was animated to the rhythm of chicheros and philharmonic music, the young people spent more than 4 hours riding 35 bulls, to win thousands of cordobas in prizes.

Following the bullfight, the election of the queen of the Traditional Festivals was held, with the young Christell Geonielka Chavarría Zapata, representative of District IV, winning.

The celebration was attended by the Mayor and Mayordoma of the festivities Reyna Rueda Alvarado, who highlighted the overflow of families and in this bullfight.

"The festivities have started with great joy and enthusiasm, the families of Managua have turned to these festivities, with great peace, with great harmony, in this bullfight that already has 29 years of tradition."

Vice Mayor Enrique Armas Rosales also highlighted the fervor with which the residents of the capital attended these activities on the eve of August 1st.

"People overflowed, we had years of not seeing so many people at these parties, celebrating quietly, in peace, people have fun watching the mounts, looking to win the prizes, then as a closing we will have a party with live music until dawn, this will be done simultaneously with the Vela del Barco and Palo Lucio”.

Manuel Orozco, traditionalist and main promoter of this festivity explained that this year the committee has 75 permanent Vaquitas Culonas.

“It is already 29 years that the Big Ass Cows Committee is celebrating in peace, with love and with all the people who are having fun, thanks to the Mayor of Managua, Reyna Rueda for celebrating these activities, thanks to Commander Daniel and Compañera Rosario Murillo for supporting the culture and traditions of our people”.

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