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Deserved recognition for businesses with the greatest history in Managua

Authorities of the Capital District carried out on the afternoon of Friday, July 29, a well-deserved recognition of the businesses with the longest history in the municipality, in salute to the 176th anniversary of Managua being elevated to a city.

This tribute was made to highlight the industriousness, persistence and tenacity of the Nicaraguan families that still maintain these businesses, which are part of the cultural and traditional heritage of the capital and for the valuable contribution in these years of work, to the socioeconomic development of the municipality.

The activity was chaired by Mayor Reyna Rueda Alvarado, who highlighted the importance of these businesses in the progress of the city; Likewise, he explained that this is the second delivery of plaques of recognition that is made to historical businesses. Among the winners is the Hotel Estrella, founded in 1892; the Kola Shaler, founded in 1904; Scraping Loli, founded in 1965; as well as the El Zepolaso Bar and Restaurant, founded in 1977.

“Today we delivered 69 awards to different businesses in each of the districts. What would Managua be without having that history of these businesses that for years have been part of our cultural heritage and today we lovingly prepare this recognition and this special moment”, said the mayor of the capital.

Armando Morales, representing the El Zepolaso bar and restaurant, stated that it is a compliment to participate in this event that recognizes that they are in history, with more than 45 years of being founded as a dining room, which was named by his father as El Zepolaso, for its uniqueness in serving liquor drinks in Zepol containers.

For her part, Mrs. Ana María Sándigo of the Hotel Estrella, said she was happy that the Municipality took into account the history of this family business of more than 120 years, "my great-great-grandmother started with a chichería in Managua and in that entrepreneurial business and before the the need for a little room to sleep, from the people who came from the departments to hold sessions at the Assembly, the idea arose and we got here, always giving that service with family warmth and we are already the fourth generation”.

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