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Tales of "Lencho Catarrán" staged in Municipal Contest

Within the framework of the Traditional Festivals of Managua, the Mayor's Office of the Capital Citizen Power through the Directorate of Culture, held this Friday, July 29, the Municipal Story Contest "Lencho Catarrán", with the aim of strengthening popular traditions, the idiosyncrasy and national identity of the Nicaraguan people.

"A group of fellow narrative lovers are going to tell us today with their stories on the way, they are going to have 15 minutes each to tell us a story alluding to these August festivities, that is the theme," informed the Vice Mayor of Managua, Enrique Rose arms.

Likewise, Armas announced that in this contest the history, the narrative, the emphasis in the telling of these stories on the road will be valued in homage to the 176th anniversary of Managua being elevated to a city and the August festivities.

José Luis Salgado, one of the contestants, played the Turkish Mustafa, one of the characters in the stories of Lencho Catarrán, who stated that this activity is a fabulous initiative, to remember with young people from all over the country, those stories by Don Otto de the Rocha.

For her part, María Teresa Obregón participated in this competition with a monologue of the character Lupita, she stated that Lencho Catarrán's stories have been an inspiration for new artists, "we who still listen to his stories and sometimes even think of recreate them and take them to scenes, they are such beautiful and expressive stories, that you are listening to them and you are imagining them, they made different people and that moves us as artists to also induce that, I can make one and up to four characters as they did it”.

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