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Traditional Festivals of Managua, they already have "Cacique Mayor"

To the rhythm of philharmonic music and with the Plaza Soberanía completely full, the people of Managua witnessed the election of the new Cacique Mayor of the Traditional Festivities of the Capital, in the contest organized by the Municipality to pay tribute to the memory and legacy of the traditionalist Oscar Ruiz Rivera ( qepd), who for more than 5 decades kept the character of the Cacique Mayor alive.

The traditional promisers of the August festivities participated in this contest and the qualifying jury valued the originality of the costumes and the long history of the participants in these festivities.

The election was accompanied by Vice Mayor Enrique Armas Rosales, who explained that out of respect for his career, Mr. Orlando René Zamora Silva was appointed, who for 39 years accompanied the former Chief Mayor of Managua's patron saint festivities and in this call was elected as new Minor Chief, Mr. Oscar Zamora Lacayo, with 38 years of participating in this tradition, "today we are gathered for the election of the Minor Chief, it is important to note that these festivities will have a Major Chief and a Minor Chief."

During the competition, important aspects were taken into account, such as clothing, utensils and the years of carrying the tradition, which are fulfilled by Oscar Zamora Lacayo, who as of today assumes the beautiful mission of promoting the culture of the people of the capital from his condition of Minor Chief.

“I am grateful for being elected as Cacique de las Fiestas de Managua, thanks to God and Santo Domingo for giving me this opportunity, I have been dancing for a minguito for many years for a granted favor and today a great task begins for me and I will fulfill it responsibly and love, my devotion began because 35 years ago my mother became seriously ill and they were going to operate on her and the doctors only gave her a 5 percent chance of survival and God granted me the miracle, that's why I dressed as a chief, "he said Zamora.

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