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Municipality presents record production "Fiestas de Managua"

As part of the promotion of art and cultural traditions, this Wednesday, July 27, in the auditorium of Las Madres Park, the Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power of Managua, through the Directorate of Culture and Historical Heritage, once again paid tribute to the 176th anniversary of the city, with the presentation of the single album “Fiestas de Managua”, dedicated to the Capital and its Patron Saint Festivities, rescuing the legacy of great Nicaraguan composers.

The production of the album compiles successful themes of traditional popular music and has the participation of the 4 artistic groups of the Commune, such as the Camilo Zapata Ensemble, the Carlos Fonseca choir, Marina Cárdenas and the Municipal Band, who together made possible the production of 17 music videos, all of them from Managua, reported Vice Mayor Enrique Armas Rosales.

“Continuing with the guidelines of celebrating our traditional festivities in style, the Managua Mayor's Office is launching today this collection with the traditional music of the August festivities, we are going to have songs composed by Otto de la Rocha, Erwin Krüger , by Don Camilo Zapata, by Justo Santos, among others, as well as songs by Luis Abraham Delgadillo and Irving Fields, a composer from Managua, Nicaragua where I fell in love, which is even a song of international prestige,” added Armas.

The Director of Historical Heritage, fellow Clemente Guido, stated that it is a unique production and will be completely free, "if you access the Municipality's website you will find the link and we are distributing it at no cost, so that we can enjoy these Holidays of 2022 with more joy.”

He also shared that among the songs included in this production are Corrido a Managua, by Tino López Guerra, Barrio de Pescadores with Erwin Krüger, Viva Managua by Otto de la Rocha, Let's dance, Let's sing by Víctor M. Leiva, an album that will also be shared via the internet and through the different media.

Within the presentation, this musical production was delivered to the representatives of the groups and to special guests.

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