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Contests of artistic expressions in homage to the Traditional Festivals of Managua 2022

With the aim of rescuing, promoting and strengthening popular traditions and our cultural identity, the Municipality, in coordination with the Leonel Rugama cultural movement, will hold the first edition of district music, singing, folk dance and painting or drawing contests, within the framework of the Traditional Festivals of Managua, is also calling for the Cacique, Indio and Chica Vaca contest, characters who were icons of these traditional festivals, which have been held for more than a hundred years.

Jennifer Porras López, Secretary of the Managua Council, explained that the contests are aimed at children from 8 years old, youth and adults.

 “In homage to our traditional festivities we are inviting the entire population to participate in these first drawing, music, song and dance contests that will be held in all districts. Each of the contests according to the district, will have a name of the artists who have strengthened our cultural identity, the competitions will be on August 3 and 6,' explained Porras.

Interested persons can go to the Culture offices of the Managua Mayor's Office, located in module H of the Civic Center, in the Historical Heritage Department and in the offices of the District Delegations.

In the case of music and singing contests, these are named after great Nicaraguan artists, such as Camilo Zapata, Tino López Guerra, Víctor M. Leyva, Justos Santos, Erwin Krüger, Marina Cárdenas and Rafael Gastón Pérez.

Clemente Guido, Director of Historical Heritage explained that the music contests aim to discover new unpublished works and new singer-songwriters.

"What the Mayor's Office of Managua wants with this contest is to obtain new compositions, a long time ago these contests produced works such as: Corrido a Managua by Tino López Guerra, the music of the National Anthem by Luis Abraham Delgadillo Rivas, La Mora Limpia by Justos Santos, we need to create new and modern themes, whether by young artists or singer-songwriters with a career”, explained Guido.

For the drawing contest, this will be held on August 8, simultaneously in all districts, registration began on July 21 and is being coordinated with the Ministry of Education, so that all students who like to draw or to paint.

There will also be a contest to choose the Indian of the festivities, paying tribute to the Cacique Mayor and Chica Vaca with the contest of the Vaquita más Culona to be held next Saturday, July 30, in Plaza Soberanía.

One of the main objectives of the contest is that the participants reflect the popular traditions of the capital, an award ceremony that will take place on August 12, in the auditorium of the Aquatic Park.

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