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Final Flavors of Winter Festival already has winners

This Saturday, July 23, more than 100 merchants from all the capital's markets enjoyed a cultural gala and an outpouring of joy in the first "Winter Flavors" gastronomic contest, which was held at the Róger Deshon market, to promote and rescue ancestral culinary traditions.

The gastronomic competition had the participation of 18 merchants from popular dining rooms, which brings together the best spoons, in three different categories.

Members of the Managua Mayor's Office, INIFOM, INATEC, MEFCCA and INTUR attended the qualifying jury, who chose three winners, one for each category, taking into account; the flavor, aroma, texture and presentation of the dish. The winners were awarded 5,000 cordobas each.

In the category of atoles, desserts and hot drinks, first place was won by Jimmy Javier Parrales from the Roberto Huembes market, while in the category of soups and winter meals, Mrs. Leonarda del Carmen Miranda from the Israel Lewites market won first place, and in Juana Cecilia Pérez from the Róger Deshon market was the winner in the town's beverage category.

This activity was attended by Vice Mayor Enrique Armas Rosales who informed that the three winners will represent the capital in the municipal contest that will take place in Ticuantepe, on August 06 and the winners of the municipal festival will go on to the grand final, which will take place held on Saturday, August 27, on Calle de la Calzada in Chinandega.

"It was a very difficult decision, remember that the best spoons were competing here, each one of them took great care in the flavor, in the preparation and in the presentation of the dishes, the challenge continues, now these winners go to another level of competition," he said Weapons.

Don Jimmy Javier Parrales works at the Roberto Huembes market, he won first place in the dessert category with the banana pudding, he used the recipe that his mother taught him and that his grandmother taught him.

"I feel happy to have won and proud because it was with a recipe that my mother taught us to prepare since I was a child, I remember that every time it rained my grandmother and mother, between the two of them they prepared this sweet, I congratulate the government of our Commander because with this contest we come to stimulate pride in what our ancestors taught us”, shared Parrales.

Prior to the start of the gastronomic contest, Vice Mayor Armas inaugurated the gallery that the commune built for food merchants, in the Róger Deshon market in the San Judas neighborhood.

"In the food area we have a new roof and our government directed the Mayor's Office and COMMEMA to improve these facilities, they painted, the entire electrical system was improved with an investment of more than 700 thousand córdobas."

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