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Traditionalist Committees deliver the Stewardship Tajona to the Mayoress of Managua

To the sound of marimbas, philharmonic music, folkloric dances and cows with big asses, the traditionalist committees of the Fiestas de Managua 2022 presented the Mayordomia Tajona of the traditional festivities to Mayor Reyna Rueda, in an atmosphere full of joy and tradition, in the Plaza de Colores of Puerto Salvador Allende.

La Tajona was delivered by traditionalists José María Barahona, popularly known as Chema Pelón, from the traditional Palo Lucio, at the Cristo Rey roundabout and José Alarcón known as "Chepe Largo", members of the Chargers Committee.

“How happy this afternoon that we celebrate the Fiestas de Managua, unforgettable parties, parties that will take us down in history, I hand over La Tajona to our Mayor Reyna Rueda, may it be forever and ever, if not next year, if not. I am with you, in case I die, Reyna has this as a souvenir, "said Mr. Chema Pelón.

Upon receiving La Tajona, Mayor Reyna Rueda thanked all the committees for the great honor of being at the forefront of these festivities that represent the cultural and popular identity of the people of the capital, "I receive it on behalf of the people of Managua to celebrate these popular festivities With a lot of Faith, Joy and Tradition, we are very proud to come accompanying these festivities to rescue and strengthen our traditions with the unconditional support of our Good Government led by Commander Daniel and Vice President Rosario Murillo, we have formed an inter-institutional team to guarantee that these parties take place in a safe environment, strengthening our art and our traditions,” shared Rueda.

This year the Mayordoma of the traditional festivities received two tajonas, the second tajona she received from the hands of José Alarcón, a traditionalist from Managua.

There will be more than 10 days of festivities that will begin on July 31 with the Vela del Barco, the Vela del Arco and the traditional Palo Lucio, accompanied by the bullfight in the San José Oriental neighborhood.

Following the delivery of the tajonas, Vice Mayor Enrique Armas Rosales recalled that on Sunday, July 31, these traditional festivities begin.

“From noon we all see each other in the San José Oriental neighborhood at the Big Ass Cows event, we are going to release the bulls from 2:00 to 6:00 in the afternoon and then we have a popular party, remember that it remains the tradition of Palo Lucio organized by Don Chema Pelón, all night on July 31 and August 9 at the Cristo Rey roundabout,” Armas reported.

He also added that afterwards the Vela del Arco will take place, cultural activities about tradition in the San Judas neighborhood and on August 1st, the Equestrian Parade, with more than 3,000 riders and horse lovers who come from Central America and the United States.

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