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Fresh products are offered in all the Municipal Markets

During the usual visit to the capital's markets, on the morning of this Friday, July 22, comrade Freddy Casco, General Manager of the Municipal Market Corporation of Managua (COMMEMA), shared with the merchants of the Mayoreo market and verified the supply and offers of the different products that are sold in this populous shopping center.

“In the Wholesale market we are finishing the construction of 11 asphalt and hydraulic concrete streets that will facilitate entry to the market, we have already finished the reconstruction of a warehouse number 10, which will be inaugurated in the next few days. Soon we will be rebuilding warehouse number 2 to guarantee better conditions,” said Casco.

Likewise, he explained that in this year 2022, 80 million córdobas will be invested in infrastructure projects and 15 million córdobas will be invested in the Wholesale market alone.

For their part, the merchants of the Mayoreo market announced discounts and promotions on the different items, for which they invited Nicaraguan families to make their purchases with confidence, because their merchants are guaranteed cleanliness and safety.

"We make a call to our friendly clientele that we have total security, hygiene and we guarantee fresh daily produce, cleanliness of our market and thanks to our Good Governance, education and discipline with merchants to keep clean and tidy", highlighted the Merchant Sorayda Salazar.

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