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Supervision of the Road Improvement Project in the Jorge Cassaly neighborhood

On the morning of this Monday, July 18, building authorities announced the expansion of the Calles para el Pueblo 2022 Program, which increased 143 new blocks, through the Special Plan; that is, this year the Municipality will improve 976 blocks throughout the municipality.

This announcement was made by the Mayor Reyna Rueda Alvarado during the supervision visit to the road improvement project that is being carried out in the Jorge Cassaly neighborhood, where 9 blocks are paved with asphalt and 193 families from this community of the District III, with an investment of 3 million 400 thousand córdobas.

“Here we are very happy, celebrating our Victorious July, with all the transformations of the families, happier with the new orientations of our Commander Daniel and Compañera Rosario to allocate more resources, expand coverage, who decided to incorporate 38 new neighborhoods into this emblematic program of well-being and future”, informed Rueda

Initially, the Calles para el Pueblo 2022 program contemplated 833 blocks and now it is 976, with the 143 added through the Special Plan, with an investment of 67 million 850 thousand 214 córdobas.

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