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Decent Housing Program benefits elderly protagonist in the Rubén Darío neighborhood

The Decent Housing Program benefited the protagonist Juana Francisca Martínez, who at 64 years of age, never lost hope that the government of President Daniel Ortega would help her build her house.

Currently the protagonist has a disability that forces her to be in a wheelchair, today she cannot work as before washing and ironing, now with the arrival of her new house new projects come, such as working as a seamstress from the comfort of her new home, Martínez feels that with his new house he begins a new life thanks to the Decent Housing Program

“I feel immensely happy, it is something that I cannot describe, I knew and was certain that my Commander would help me, I knew that I was not going to wait, because the Sandinista Front is the only party that cares and works for the poor and today that we are a few hours away from celebrating the anniversary of our revolution, this is the best gift of my life”, said the beneficiary.

With Doña Juana her whole family will live, her two children and her grandchildren. While celebrating with the community, friends and neighbors of the new beneficiary, Vice Mayor Enrique Armas Rosales shared with the residents the progress of this program and the projects that are being carried out in the different neighborhoods of District I.

“Brothers, today is a holiday for this family and for all Nicaraguans we are a few hours away from celebrating the great vigil that we Managua carry out to receive the glorious July 19, we receive it by once again fulfilling the families who for greater reasons they live in vulnerability, today we have a family that has had their right to live with dignity and in peace restored to our sister, winter and rain will never again take away her sleep, nor will they have the fear that the house could collapse at any moment, With this delivery today, the Decent Housing Program manages to change the lives of 28 families in this neighborhood,” said Armas.

At the beginning of the second semester of the year, Armas informed the inhabitants that 20 of the 22 projects that the Municipality will carry out in this District with the Annual Investment Plan have already been completed.

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