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Variety of products at low prices in the capital markets

This weekend, merchants from the Managua markets announced that they continue with the promotions and discounts on all their products and invited Nicaraguan families to visit these shopping centers that offer a variety of items within reach of their pockets.

 During a tour carried out on the morning of this Friday, July 15, through the Oriental market, the Secretary of the Council of Managua, Jennifer Porras López, shared that with the merchants and verified the supply of the products, "we have verified that we have different styles, quality, product prices, but above all access to markets, security, infrastructure”.

The official also shared that in this shopping center the construction of a rainwater drainage channel is being carried out that will benefit 500 merchants from sector 1, for the month of August the improvement of the warehouse of sector 2 of the bananas is planned, restoring the rights to 300 merchants and before the end of the year the gutters of the food sector will be improved”.

Claudia Medrano Cárcamo from Tienda Nathali, explained that they offer pants, blouses, suits for equestrian parties, "we have an excellent variety for all ages and good prices, we have blouses from 195 córdobas, pants 375, depending on tastes and brands".

"As you can see we have a variety of styles of shirts, pants, shorts, skirts, dresses, we are a women's clothing store," said Belky Urbina of the Women's Clothing Store.

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