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Plan Calache conference in the IV stage of the Hialeah neighborhood

Joining efforts to maintain a cleaner, healthier and more beautiful city for all Managuans and in celebration of the International Soil Conservation Day, the Mayor's Office of Managua held a community cleaning day in the fourth stage of the Hialeah neighborhood, with the objective to make the population aware of the importance of caring for the environment.

During the Day, Vice Mayor Enrique Armas Rosales, together with Santi, the mascot of the Managua 2022 Youth Games, the brigade of 36 environmentalists from the community and young people from the Guardabarranco movement, walked the streets of the neighborhood from house to house to invite people to take the garbage and calaches that the home collection truck cannot take.

“We are carrying out this day with three objectives: to promote the proper management of solid waste among the inhabitants, to eliminate the sources of infection in the neighborhood and to promote in the community the model of shared responsibility to make Managua a cleaner City, capital of all”.

Armas recalled that this is the third day of plan calache that takes place in the neighborhoods of Managua, the first two were held at the beginning of the year in Villa Jerusalem and Villa Dignidad, the fourth day will be held in Ciudad Belén.

Dominga Sandoval Sanabria has been a community environmental brigade for three years and she confirmed that her neighborhood has improved environmentally since the calache plan was promoted.

“We have been working voluntarily for three years in the environmental brigades organized by the mayor’s office here in the neighborhood and we have been improving sanitary conditions, because with these days the sources of infection are eliminated, the patios are cleaned of that waste that the truck does not It is worn as they are tires, old televisions, old beds, tree branches, it would be good if the mayor's office programs the calache plans in each neighborhood once a month, so that we have a cleaner and more beautiful city, "said Sandoval.

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