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Good Government awards recognition to the "Most Beautiful and Oldest Sections" of the Managua markets

More than 90 merchants from the 8 markets of Managua were awarded for their effort and dedication that they have maintained for years in their different sales spaces, recognitions that were delivered by the Good Government, through the Nicaraguan Institute of Municipal Development (INIFOM) and the Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power of Managua, on the morning of this Thursday, July 14, in the Miguel Larreynaga Auditorium of the Municipality.

In this Contest of the "Most Beautiful and Old Sections" there was the participation of businesses that are dedicated to the sale of groceries, spices, dairy products, chicken, meat and seafood, fruits, vegetables, handicrafts, florists, toys, glassware and plastics, party items, clothing and footwear, cosmetics, beauty salons, coffee shops, among others.

The award ceremony was attended by the Mayor of Managua, Reyna Rueda Alvarado, the Vice Mayor Enrique Armas Rosales, the companion Rosa Aura Loáisiga, representative of INIFOM, the general director of the Municipal Market Corporation of Managua (COMMEMA), Freddy Casco and the President of the Merchants Association of Managua, partner Jorge Luis González.

During the event, Mayor Rueda expressed that this recognition is a sign of affection for the merchants who have the most beautiful, clean and longest working sections in these shopping centers, "sections that have been dedicated to giving the best prices and preferably for the Nicaraguan families, thank them for their dedication, never in history has there been so much articulation and communication between the 8 markets and their municipal and central government, our congratulations, it is the best place where money pays and where we find all".

“When you have been selling in the markets for 40 years, that is a life, it is a story, and to mention a few, Mrs. Lola Izaguirre, 40 years of selling bags in the Oriental market, my partner Angelina Flores, 42 years working in the market, Mrs. Virginia del Socorro Espino, 50 years selling merchandise in general and that is how we are meeting, colleagues like Mr. Javier de Jesús Cruz, 56 years old,” Vice Mayor Armas shared.

The parameters to select the "Most Beautiful and Oldest Sections" of Managua were the arrangement of the sections and spaces dedicated to commerce, the creativity with which families exhibit and offer their products, as well as the years of industriousness in the markets.

Awards were given to 59 merchants with the oldest sections and 36 were selected from among the most beautiful and creative.

Reyna Orozco, a merchant with a 50-year history of working in zone 2 of the Oriental market, expressed her joy at receiving this recognition, "we thank God and the Good Government of Commander Daniel Ortega and Compañera Rosario Murillo for remembering all of Nicaragua.

“I am very grateful for having taken me into account for the Cleanest Prettiest Section, inviting you to visit us at the Iván Montenegro market, seafood sector, Marisquería Angélica,” said merchant Rebeca Cecilia Castellón Canales.

For this year the Municipality will carry out 14 works in the 8 markets of the Capital with an investment of 80 million córdobas. During the first semester, road improvement, storm drainage, and sanitary sewage projects were carried out, and for this second semester work will be done on the construction and repair of warehouses, new storage centers, among other works.

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