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History! Nicaragua qualifies for the 2022 Williamsport World Series

The National Baseball Team of Nicaragua B, represented by the children of the Academy of September 14, qualified for the Williamsport World Cup to be held in Pennsylvania, United States, by defeating Venezuela 10-0, in an exciting match held on afternoon of July 9, at the Roberto Clemente Children's Stadium.

The Vice Mayor of Managua, Compañero Enrique Armas Rosales, recalled that for more than 50 years, Nicaragua had failed to qualify in this category, which is why today is a memorable day for Nicaraguan baseball lovers.

“An exciting moment for the history of the sport in Nicaragua, after 5 decades Nicaragua with the Managua team returns to the Williamsport Latin American Baseball Championship. It is an unforgettable day in Managua, where we managed to beat a great team like Venezuela and now we have to train the team so that it can have a great battle in the games to be held in the United States, where it will face other great teams”, Armas highlighted. .

At the end of the game, trophies and medals were given to the outstanding little players, among them the 11-year-old boy Luis García, who won 7 awards as leader in ERA, in strikeouts, in wins, in batting, in RBIs, in home runs and the most valuable of the Regular MVP.

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