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First Gastronomic Festival “Winter Flavors”

In commemoration of 43/19, the merchants of the 8 markets of Managua gathered on the morning of this Friday, July 08, in the first Gastronomic Contest "Flavors of Winter".

The culinary activity promoted by the Good Government together with the mayor's offices, includes 3 contests: the festival of atoles, desserts and hot drinks, the festival of soups and winter foods and the festival of drinks of the town where the Nicaraguan gastronomy of the winter season, shared the Vice Mayor of Managua, Enrique Armas Rosales.

“What better place to launch this Winter Flavors event than the Roberto Huembes market, which, like other capital markets, is a market where the most exquisite dishes have been offered for decades,” said Armas.

Part of the parameters that will be taken into account are: its texture, flavor, aroma and presentation, highlighting the traditional recipes that reflect the culture and national identity.

"With this contest we seek to rescue the traditions of Nicaragua and my drink is hot chocolate, we accompany it with Indian cheese, a bit of oven stuff and the inevitable cake," said the Roberto Huembes market merchant, Arlen Santamaría.

For her part, Mrs. Carmen Lau from the Roberto Huembes market said that they participate with the famous cocktail, "here we are God first that we win the contest."

During the festival, families will be able to taste a variety of desserts: quequisque cakes, corn cakes, delicacies, rice milk, hard atole, sour atole, atole speck, warm and hot chocolates. Variety of bean soups, meatballs, tripe, chicken, tortillas, curds, onion, seafood, pipián stews, chilote, potatoes, chayote. Meals such as: Moors and Christians, watery rice with chicken, pork and meat; chicken, beef and pork broth.

Among the drinks are: pozol with milk, tiste, pinolillo, barley, cocoa, jícaro seeds and seasonal fruits such as pitahaya, lemonade, papaya, orange, tamarind, among others.

This gastronomic event will be held from July 1 to August 30 and will take place at a national level on Calle La Calzada in the municipality of Chinandega..

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