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Asphalt coating in 3 blocks of the Motastepe neighborhood

A new work of progress was carried out by the Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power through the Streets for the People Program, on this occasion, the demand of the families of the Motastepe neighborhood in District II was met, where 3 new blocks of streets were built that before they were in their natural state and that as of the afternoon of Wednesday, July 06, guarantees agile vehicular and pedestrian circulation in the area.

The new road network, which had an investment cost of 2,832,900 córdobas, serves as an alternate route to reach the Police Hospital and surrounding neighborhoods, and also directly benefits around 30 homes, where more than 400 people live. of this town, as announced by the Secretary of the Council of Managua, Jennifer Porras López.

“This afternoon we are celebrating with the families of a sector that had been vulnerable and forgotten for a long time, but thanks to these emblematic programs such as Calles para el Pueblo that promotes this revolution, led by our Commander and also in charge of that great woman, our Comrade Vice President Rosario Murillo, we are fulfilling our heroes and martyrs in this Victorious July”, said the mayor of the capital.

Porras highlighted that with this inaugurated project, the Calles para el Pueblo Program reaches 80 percent progress, serving 669 blocks of the 833 that will be rehabilitated throughout this year.

The resident Juana Paula García Martínez was satisfied with the work that restores her right to have decent streets, "first of all, thanking God, our Government and the authorities of the Mayor's Office, we as an organized neighborhood have made efforts and they have responded and we are seeing reality with this breakthrough in our community.”

For his part, Mr. Roberto Andrés Aragón, also a resident of the Motastepe neighborhood, stated that these streets were impassable due to the number of holes they had, "now they are perfectly fine, excellent for the future of our young people."

During the inauguration, the capital official also shared that through the 2022 Annual Investment Plan, the Municipality will be investing 16 million córdobas in the different neighborhoods of District II, for the execution of 14 major works projects, 1 mitigation work and 6 minor works.

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