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Good Government delivers 11 Solidarity Homes in the Lomas de Guadalupe neighborhood

Guaranteeing the safety and integrity of the people of the capital, the Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power of Managua rebuilt 11 new homes for the same number of families who had a difficult time when the wall adjoining their humble homes collapsed, due to the heavy rains of May 19. , endangering their lives, in the Lomas de Guadalupe neighborhood of District VII.

These families, who handed over their houses to be demolished and rebuilt, received on the afternoon of Wednesday, July 6, from the hands of the Secretary General of the Municipality, Comrade Fidel Moreno Briones, the keys to their Decent Homes, which now have a sewage system. sanitation, drinking water, electricity and its paved streets through the Calles para el Pueblo Program.

“Where the houses are now, we had a wall at the La Libertad school that collapsed as a result of the rains, in addition, the families were already living in risky conditions, in quite fragile houses, we built them exactly in the same place, the only thing was that we moved the wall further inwards, we opened a space that would allow them a safety margin, they were houses with very small spaces of 8 to 9 square meters, today we are delivering a Solidarity House of 48 square meters”, Moreno reported.

The families, happy to receive their homes, thanked God and the authorities of the Sandinista Government for changing their lives, as expressed by the protagonist Josseling Hunter, “very grateful for the gift they have given us, I am going to sleep safely, now with my house own, because we did not have a title, thanks to everyone who has made it possible”.

“I feel very grateful to our Commander, Compañera Rosario and Secretary Fidel Moreno for fulfilling this dream, when they told us that some houses were going to be built for us, we did not think they were this type of houses, since most of us are recyclers. , we never expected homes as decent as the ones we have today”, said the beneficiary Jessenia Yahoska Rodríguez.

Also, the protagonists showed their happiness and gratitude for the delivery of 11 new washers that will be very useful.

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