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Mayor's Office pays tribute to the oldest businesses in the capital

The Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power of Managua, paid tribute to the oldest businesses in the Capital, this recognition is carried out simultaneously at the national level, with all the Mayor's Offices of the President Town.

The objective of this special mention is to stimulate the persistence, industriousness and tenacity of Nicaraguan families who for years have kept the national economy moving through their businesses or ventures.

Managua has more than 50 businesses with a long history, among them are: Photo Studio Luminton that has been in existence for 83 years, La Perla Restaurant with 53 years, Asados Chayito 42 years, La Duya Mágica Bakery 45 years, El Chalecito, Florist María Elena, Farmacia Altagracia, among others, are all family businesses that have generated employment for more than 6 decades and have survived from generation to generation.

During the activity, Vice Mayor Enrique Armas Rosales shared that nationwide there are 750 businesses that will be awarded recognition of their seniority.

“We have lived a very emotional activity full of history with Nicaraguans who have given their lives, their best years to support and carry out their businesses, we have the Luminton photo case of the Monseñor Lezcano neighborhood, we have barbershops, hotels and restaurants that have more than 60 years operating, all of them are a true example and pride of our Managua Linda Managua”, Armas highlighted.

Likewise, he explained that this activity is carried out in coordination with the MEFCCA, INTUR and Municipal Commissions for Creative Economy.

For the protagonists, the recognition of the Commune is a great achievement, taking into account that it is the first time that they have been paid tribute to their industriousness.

“I feel grateful to receive this diploma and I thank the Government because they have remembered us and are recognizing our efforts over the years. Thanks to our work we managed to get our children forward, for 42 years we have worked as a family and with a lot of love for our people”, were the words of Doña Isabel Aguilar, owner of La Duya Mágica Bakery.

While Mr. Eloy Pallaviccini from Ananda Restaurant, promoter of vegetarian gastronomy, thanked the Good Government for the recognition of the work of years.

"For 25 years we have promoted yoga together with vegetarian food and it is a pride to receive recognition after so many years of work" focused on promoting health and good nutrition, added Pallaviccini.

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