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Williamsport Children's Latin American Baseball Championship kicks off

From the Roberto Clemente Stadium, located in the Luis Alfonso Velásquez Flores park, on the morning of this Monday, July 4, the Williamsport Latin American Children's Baseball Championship was inaugurated, a tournament that will feature the participation of teams from Honduras, Costa Rica, Venezuela and Nicaragua, who will compete for the first place to reach the World Championship in Pennsylvania in August.

For the first time in Nicaragua, this sporting event will be held from July 4 to 10, in the Roberto Clemente children's stadiums and in the ENEL Central field, with the participation of children between 11 and 12 years old, tickets totally free, highlighted the Vice Mayor from Managua, Enrique Armas Rosales, during the opening ceremony.

“Today we start Nicaragua A against Nicaragua B, the inaugural game of the National Champion Chinandega against the Sub Champion Managua, in the second hour we will have Venezuela in action that starts with Honduras and the third game of this inaugural day Nicaragua against the team from Costa Rica, everything is ready,” said Armas.

The official reiterated that Managua continues to be the capital of Central American sports "that is why we are going to organize this event, with the hope, not only of having a great tournament, but that Nicaragua wins the championship and after 50 years we have the dream comeback of the little league baseball from Nicaragua to the Williamsport World Championship in Pennsylvania, United States, the children are going to give it their all and we fully trust that we can be in that great final”.

The swearing-in of the teams was in charge of baseball player Jonathan Loáisiga, followed by the throwing of the first ball by Vice Mayor Armas and the delivery of a plaque of recognition to the promoter of little leagues, teammate Luis Felipe Salinas.

The inauguration of the championship was attended by the Ambassador of the sister Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in Nicaragua, partner Javier Arrúe, Mr. Elio Rivera from Deportes Rivera, manager Sandor Guido, Dr. Carlos Reyes, partner David Sequeira from the Sports Movement Alexis Argüello and the President of the Williamsport League in Nicaragua, Noel González.

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