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Mercado Israel Lewites offers its products at solidarity prices

Starting July Victorious, the General Manager of the Municipal Market Corporation of Managua (COMMEMA), Freddy Casco and the merchants of the capital's eight markets visited the Israel Lewites popular shopping center and announced that this weekend the discounts and promotions on all seasonal products and basic consumption for the home.

This market, which has approximately 1,500 sections between fixed and temporary, is supplied with fresh products in perishables, meat, sausages and seafood, as well as quality merchandise, clothing and footwear at low prices, as announced by Casco, during his tour of the different sections.

When visiting the Distributor La Esquinita of the owner Porfirio Pauth Rivera, he shared that they offer a pound of breast at 48 cordobas, a pound of leg at 38 cordobas, cones and drumsticks at 48 cordobas a pound respectively, "we have all the cuts from 2 to 3 córdobas less on weekends, we call on all customers who come to the La Esquinita distributor to benefit from special prices.”

Merchant Gloria Martínez from the perishables sector also invited families to buy at solidarity prices, she explained that a pound of potatoes and onions can be found for 25 cordobas, tomatoes are priced between 20 and 30 cordobas a bag, three units of chiltoma at 20 and the three bananas at 25 córdobas, "come to the Israel Lewites market to buy fruits and vegetables at low prices, it is a clean, safe and protected market."

During the tour, the official Freddy Casco confirmed that, in all the markets of Managua, works are being carried out to improve the working conditions of the merchants and that for this month of July the repair of the meat warehouse and the placement of planchets will begin. on some gutters located in the center of the market, so that visitors have better access and more security when buying.

Similarly, Casco assured that if there are constant rains due to the climatic conditions caused by tropical storm Bonnie, the markets are prepared in coordination with the Merchants' Associations, COMMEMA and the Institutions to attend to any situation that arises, "the markets They are already prepared, we have brigades ready to attend, but we also do preventive work to avoid situations that we regret.”

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