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Capital Commune pays tribute to "Flaco Explosivo" Alexis Argüello

Municipal authorities, family, friends and sports movements paid tribute to the "Knight of the Ring", Champion of Love and Reconciliation, Alexis Argüello (RIP) on the occasion of the thirteenth anniversary of his passage to immortality.

The tributes included the placement of floral offerings and exhibition fights by the municipal boxing academies, in the morning hours of this Friday, July 1, in the Plaza de las Victorias. This commemoration was also attended by the champions Rosendo Álvarez, the Alvarado twins and hundreds of young athletes.

Vice Mayor Enrique Armas Rosales, in his words, confirmed that the Mayor of the Town is still more alive than ever because his legacy is still present and growing in each project and each program carried out by both the Central and Municipal Governments, love programs that promote sports in each neighborhood and preferential care for the elderly.

“As Father Antonio Castro said yesterday, Alexis left but he did not leave, because he left us for heaven, but he is still in the hearts of Nicaraguans and all his fans in Nicaragua and in Latin America and on all continents. We are already in 2022 and we continue to remember the exploits of Alexis inside the ring and we continue to remember him for his gifts as a person, a supportive man, a hard-working man and a disciplined athlete,” said Armas.

The wife of the three-time champion, Mrs. Karla Rizo, states that the great dreams of the Champion of Love, Reconciliation are today a reality that offers young people in sports an option to get away from risky situations.

"Today we honor the memory and remember the legacy of Alexis, he saw in sports an opportunity for the kids to get ahead by getting away from drugs, gangs and all the athletes who came, I ask you to keep his legacy alive," he said. Curly.

While the Alvarado and Rosendo Álvarez twins agree that their lives since childhood were marked by the exploits of Alexis Argüello and they all proudly affirm that "Alexis Argüello was the best son that Nicaragua gave birth to".

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