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Low-income family hopefully receives their new decent home

Having a safe place to shelter during the rainy season was the wish of Mrs. Rosario Isabel Arauz García, an inhabitant of the San Isidro de la Cruz Verde region of District I of the capital, together with her family of five people, they spent years of ordeal living in a dilapidated little house, where water seeped through the ceiling and floor.

Today, the goodwill of the Sandinista Government, through the Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power of Managua, allowed the beneficiary to fulfill her wish and gave her the keys to her decent home, where she will begin a new story, under a roof and solid walls, enjoying an atmosphere full of calm and great comfort.

“Thanks to my Lord Jesus Christ, to the Government of Daniel Ortega, Compañera Rosario Murillo and the Mayor, who is special, because she helped me with my little house that was leaking water, it was a horrible situation, nobody supported me, but now that I have I'm not going to get wet in this house anymore and none of my family”, said the beneficiary with tears of happiness.

The Mayoress of Managua, Reyna Rueda Alvarado, presided over this inauguration ceremony and announced that with this house, we reach the 18 decent homes delivered in this region, "We thank Doña Rosario Isabel for the trust she has had in her Government, which is wisely directed by Commander Daniel and our Vice President, delivering decent housing to us fills us with commitment”, he affirmed.

Rueda also highlighted that, as this region is a productive area of basic grains, vegetables and fruits, the Municipality handed over 17 blocks of streets at the end of last year, in addition to the construction of 157 linear meters of ramps, works that have allowed the producers harvest their crops and the families to be able to move around the area without problems.

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