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Iván Montenegro Market with more works and discounts

Like every weekend, merchants from the 8 municipal markets of Managua announced discounts and offers on different products and items, inviting Nicaraguan families to take advantage and buy at the best prices in these popular shopping centers.

This announcement was made by the Vice Mayor of Managua, Enrique Armas Rosales, during his visit to the Iván Montenegro market, where he noted the drop in the price of cheese between 38 and 42 cordobas per pound.

“Sales of dairy products here have risen a lot lately, not only because of the quality of the products, which is excellent, but also because the price of dry, fresh, smoked, cream cheese has dropped, and that makes buyers and buyers very happy. of course to the distributors”, reported Armas.

He also announced that in the second half of this year, work will be done on the construction of two new warehouses, a new garbage collection center, improvements to the gym located in this market, among other works with an investment of 7.5 millions.

The General Manager of the Municipal Market Corporation of Managua (COMMEMA), Freddy Casco added that this year 14 works will be carried out in the 8 markets of the capital and in this first semester road improvement, storm drainage, sanitary sewage projects were carried out. , to guarantee the cleanliness and healthiness of the same.

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