Decent housing benefits a family from the Bertilda Obregario neighborhood

After living for 15 years in vulnerable conditions, the Decent Housing Program benefited the protagonist Mirna del Carmen Torrez and her family with the blessing of having a new house in the Bertilda Obregario neighborhood located in District III r.

In the act of handing over the keys, the Secretary of the Municipal Council, Jennifer Porras López, reiterated that this program is carried out by all the mayor's offices in the country, following the guidelines and strategies carried out by the government of President Daniel Ortega to combat poverty and guarantee families the right to live in safe conditions.

“Doña Mirna is the 22nd protagonist in this neighborhood, they spent several years suffering the harshness of winter, because the water got into them through the roof, which was in poor condition and could collapse at any moment, now they will be able to live the winter safely. We appreciate the patience and trust they had in our government, which instructs them to give an immediate response to families who are exposed to danger, that is the objective of this program and the projects carried out for the common good”.

The protagonist is a housewife and mother of three children, she has always been in charge of her home in the care of her family. And today she feels pleased because they will live in a different and safe environment.

“I am happy and I thank President Daniel who gave me the opportunity to have this house, here the only one who worked was my husband and the money was not enough to buy materials and build another house, that was a dream for us that today is it became a reality, thanks to God and the good will of Commander Daniel and Vice President Rosario Murillo,” added Torrez.

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