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Capital families celebrate the renovation of Las Madres park

The capital commune, complying once again with the model of restitution of the right to healthy recreation of families, delivered this Monday, June 20, the renovation works carried out in the Las Madres park, improving environmental conditions and infrastructure in an area of Approximately 11 thousand square meters that the park has, this project was carried out through the Annual Investment Plan.

By handing over the park to the residents, Mayor Reyna Rueda Alvarado reaffirmed the commitment of the Municipality and the Central Government to build comprehensive recreation spaces for the whole family.

“This day is for celebration, we are delivering a completely renovated park, an iconic park dedicated to the mothers of the families of Managua, today our capital has a face and thanks to the work of all these years our children, our youth and our older adults They have spaces where they can recreate, so we continue to honor all our martyrs who offered their lives so that today we can live in peace and that our children are happy, "said Rueda.

The capital official shared with the protagonists that in the first days of June the Las Madres park received recognition for the contest "The Cleanest and Most Beautiful Park in the Capital", by complying with the parameters of ornamentation, cleaning and maintenance of the park.

"The work we have been doing to beautify our capital has been bearing fruit, in recent days we as a Municipality were awarded by the Nicaraguan Institute for Municipal Development (INIFOM) receiving 7 awards, among them is the Parque Las Madres, which is the one we are delivering today, we feel very honored and this commits us to continue working giving the best to serve our families in the capital”, said the Mayor.

Doña Ruth Velásquez lives in the Jonathan González neighborhood, she is the mother of 3 children and since this park opened its doors for the first time, the lives of her children changed completely.

“Building this park was the best thing our government could do, since the park began to function the lives of all the families that live in the surroundings changed, one comes walking with the kids and since they arrive they do not stop playing, they get on all the games, one no longer has to go to the parks that are so long and best of all that you come and the kids use the games for free, "said the protagonist

The Las Madres Park Rehabilitation Project had an investment cost of 935,000 córdobas, it has nine children's games and adults can also take walks or exercise on the wide platforms and enjoy free internet.

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