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Capital markets with various products to celebrate Father's Day

During this weekend, the merchants of the 8 municipal markets of Managua will continue with the discounts and promotions on the different items to acquire dad's gift, for which they invited Nicaraguan families to visit these shopping centers, where they offer the lowest prices.

At the same time, they shared that the winter season products such as boots, umbrellas, jackets and capes are ready; in addition to discounts on clothing, footwear, fruits and food.

During this visit to the populous Roberto Huembes market, the Secretary of the Managua Council, Compañera Jennifer Porras López, verified the supply of products and good solidarity prices for Father's Day.

“We have made this tour to learn about the different offers that are being promoted for Father's Day. We managed to corroborate the prices within reach of the families' pockets. From shoes, shirts, pants, perfumes, to dress parents elegantly and share a dinner, here we have the sector of vegetables, meat, perishables and dairy products, here whoever enters comes out complete”, shared Porras.

He highlighted that at the entrance of this populous market a promenade was made that has beautiful and colorful murals and announced that La Marchanta park will soon be built for the amusement of the merchants' children.

"Here we are waiting for families, for parents to buy their original shoes at good prices," said merchant Josseling Rivas.

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