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Youth Games inaugurate the second futsal tournament

As part of the Managua 2022 Youth Games, this Sunday, June 12, the second futsal tournament was inaugurated, with the participation of 40 teams from the different neighborhoods of Managua.

The sports activity was inaugurated by the comrade Jennifer Porras López, Secretary of the Council of Managua and the Senior Commissioner Guillermo Areas, second head of Youth Affairs of the National Police, complying with the promotion of sports, as directed by the Sandinista Government.

“It is an opportunity that we have to accompany young people who are giving their lives a new turn, changing their actions and behaviors to be part of a platform such as the Youth Games, which comes to accompany and seek new seedbeds, so that be the new athletes in our country”, expressed the mayor of the capital.

Likewise, Porras explained that this tournament will last 4 months and the games will take place on Sundays, starting at 8:00 in the morning, on the courts of the Luis Alfonso Velásquez Flores park and the Hugo Chávez Frías sports complex in the Colony September 14.

"We invite all families to join us, to join new young people to participate in these events, which are very positive because they contribute to the future of each one of them," added Porras.

For his part, the Senior Commissioner Guillermo Areas stressed that, once again, efforts are being joined with the Municipality to develop these sporting events, which help young people to stay away from drugs or any socially improper act.

“This is a sports party as it is usually called. Discussions are not expected here, lawsuits are not expected, here what we expect are winners, winners and in the end an activity with satisfactory results, which is what we are looking for and we believe that we are all on the same line”, stressed Areas.

During this friendly match between the different neighborhoods, the excitement of the young people was evident, and when approached, they agreed that this type of activity provides them with new opportunities and motivates them to continue playing sports.

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