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The First Division National Volleyball Championship kicks off

With the presentation of 7 teams from the different municipalities of the country, the official act of the second edition of the First Division National Volleyball Championship in the Men's branch was held on the afternoon of Saturday, June 11, held at the Sports Center Spain, with an inaugural game between the Lions of the Mayor's Office of Managua and Los Toros de Chontales.

The Vice Mayor of Managua, Enrique Armas Rosales, informed that this volleyball championship will last 3 months, with matches that will take place in different venues, where two rounds will be played, to qualify for the first 4 places.

“We are going to have Los Toros, Los Leones from the Mayor’s Office of Managua, we are going to have UAM, Frente Sur, Rivas, defending the championship this year, a very strong tournament that is going to be played throughout June. , July and August and the most important thing, that it is a tournament from which the players who will represent Nicaragua in the men's volleyball tournament in Guatemala will come out ", he claimed.

Armas stressed that thanks to the support that the Good Government gives to national sports, young people will take advantage of these sports facilities in the realization of this volleyball tournament.

“This Sports Center Spain today has nothing to do with the sports center that was inaugurated almost 50 years ago here in Managua, that IND volleyball gym is truly beautiful, the sports facilities that the American University has are excellent, so we give it the warmest of welcomes to all the teams”, he stressed.

Byron Hernández, a member of the Managua Mayor's Lions team, stressed that they are already prepared to obtain the best places, "we have been working together for almost a month and a half at the Spain Sports Center, it is a team made up of people who have played together for a long time, there are new people, but we have been adapting quite well, we seek to improve the position of last year, we lost a third game in the semifinals, we did not manage to be in the final, but this year our main objective is to be in the big party".

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