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Ready the teams of the Men's Volleyball League in its second edition

On the night of this Wednesday, June 8, the official presentation of the seven teams that will participate in the second edition of the Men's First Division Volleyball League was given, which will start this coming Saturday 11 in different parts of the country.

In this tournament, the teams of the Lions of the Mayor's Office of Managua will be present, who will play their home games at the Sports Center Spain, the Panthers of Managua who will be making their presentation that will be based in the Volleyball Gym, located in the Nicaraguan Institute of Sports (IND).

In addition, in this edition there will be the southern representation, the current champions Frente Sur Rivas, which will be held at the Humberto Méndez Gymnasium in the city of mangoes. As is customary in Nicaraguan sports and could not be left behind, in this championship will be Los Indígenas de Matagalpa who established the field of the El Brigadista Sports Center as their main stage.

Also, in this edition there will be the Jaguares of the American University (UAM), who will play at the Jaguar Center in the UAM. Another team that is present in this tournament is the Chontales team that will play their home games at the Juigalpa Municipal Gymnasium, as well as the participation of the Tren del Norte, Real Estelí that will play at home in the Diamante de las Segovias.

This volleyball championship will last 3 months and two rounds will be played, where the first 4 places will be classified, it was established that on the first date of the league agreed for June 11, it will be played entirely in Managua, in the Polideportivo España, UAM and the IND starting at 6:00 in the afternoon with the games between Pantera vs. Matagalpa in the IND, Jaguares vs. FS Rivas in the UAM and Leones vs. Chontales in the Polideportivo España.

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