Bismarck Martínez Program already has an Interactive Map

In order to reduce costs and distances for families seeking to achieve the dream of having their own home, this week, the Nicaraguan Institute for Municipal Development (INIFOM) and the Municipal Governments of the Citizen Power presented the first interactive map of the Bismarck Martínez Program, a digital platform that shows the 195 housing developments and lots that this housing program has nationwide.

The presentation was attended by the Mayor of Managua, Reyna Rueda Alvarado, who shared that through the web portal, interested parties will be able to search for homes, requirements, models, address, email, all the information that the Families need to know where the social interest program is available.

"It is important because many families who are far away cannot get around and want to obtain this information at hand, this has been possible with the hard work of the different institutions involved," said Ruedas.

Iván Lacayo, co-director of INIFOM, announced that families will be able to connect with the interactive map from any device or computer and will be able to appreciate and interact in some cases.”

For her part, comrade Olivia Cano, co-director of INVUR, pointed out that according to statistics at the national level, it is the mothers of families who lead the purchase of homes, "the Bismarck Martínez Program is a clear example of the empowerment and participation of the woman in such a beautiful program, in which the 73% of the women of our municipalities are the protagonists of this program”.

The Sandinista Government plans to make 50,000 families with an urbanized lot and 50,000 families with a social interest home the protagonists of rights with this emblematic program.

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