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Real Estelí is crowned champion in the national basketball tournament Carlos Ulloa In Memoriam

In an exciting game, the Real Estelí team was crowned national champion in the Carlos Ulloa in Memoriam basketball tournament in its seventh edition, against the team from Tipitapa with a score of 67-65. Both teams reached the final for the first time in an intense game, which gave a great show, on the afternoon of this Sunday June 5th.

During the sporting event, the Vice Mayor of Managua, Enrique Armas Rosales, highlighted the importance of this tournament, which promotes the best of national basketball and at the same time congratulated both teams for a closely contested match from start to finish.

“When the tournament was in its third stage it seemed that Jinotega was taking the championship, but Tipitapa and Estelí came who managed to reach the final and Estelí took the pennant commanded by Barthel López and the Tipitapa team shone, for the first time in history, reaching the final, that has only been possible thanks to the enormous support for sport given by the Good Government of Commander Daniel Ortega and Compañera Rosario”, affirmed Armas.

This team from Estelí was directed by the former player and glory of national basketball, Noel McKenzie, who highlighted that this is Real Estelí's first victory in the Carlos Ulloa Tournament.

“This club has always had the ability to focus and achieve the goal, such as being champions in the tournament they participate in, it was a great game, Tipitapa was a worthy rival and the best thing is that there is great support among its players. We knew that it was a brave team, that it had very good players and today was a tremendous spectacle for the public and for national basketball”.

The supporters of both teams took over the Alexis Argüello Sports Center to support their favorites, who gave their best and all for everything to win the championship.

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