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Chinandega wins national children's baseball championship William Sport

The Chinandega children's baseball team was crowned champion in the second edition of the William Sport national tournament, beating the Managua team 4-3 in a match full of emotion, anguish and suspense.

The sports day was held at the Enel Central stadium in Managua, where the semifinal and final of the William Sport National Championship were held. The four best teams of this tournament met on this playing field, the winning team will represent us in the next Latin American that will take place in Nicaragua in the coming days, as reported by the Director of Sports of the Managua Mayor's Office, Noel González

“During this championship, more than 160 young people between the ages of 11 and 12 participated, from 8 departments of Nicaragua. The Organizing Committee has made a great effort to reactivate these William Sport little leagues because they have been inactive for 4 years and thus we have been able to enjoy these games, in four different fields”, González said.

Part of the teams that participated were representations from Teustepe (Boaco), Matagalpa, Rivas, Chinandega, León, Estelí and Managua, this was possible due to the support that the Good Government has been providing to sport in all its disciplines.

Ricardo Arana from the Organizing Committee stated that it has been very important to return these spaces to the children so that they can practice sports.

"This is the restitution of our Government's rights towards children so that they can enjoy sports in a healthy environment, with access to sports infrastructure and coaches who follow up on the evolution of their athletes."

It is planned that for the next Latin American championship Nicaragua will be the venue and the countries of: El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Panama, Venezuela, Colombia, Mexico and Ecuador will participate. Nicaragua, as the venue for the sporting event, will have two teams that will represent it, one is from Managua, the Roberto Clemente team, and the other is the Chinandegano team.

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