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Capital District holds Recicla+ Environmental Fair

In celebration of World Environment Day, the Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power of Managua, in alliance with private companies, schools and new ventures, developed the Recicl+ Fair, an initiative that encourages the voluntary mobilization of solid waste: plastics, glass, cardboard and aluminum, thus mitigating the impact on Mother Earth.

Jennifer Porras López, Secretary of the Managua Council announced that this fair is part of the “Clean City, Capital of All” campaign, which seeks to promote the culture of recycling and the implementation of the 3R technique in families. : Reduction, Reuse and Recovery of waste.

During this environmental event, people had the opportunity to exchange recyclable materials for new products such as notebooks, multipurpose containers, termites for water, and t-shirts with pro-environmental messages.

Porras highlighted that this fair will be a replica in the different neighborhoods, “we want to continue promoting this practice in our youth, in communities, schools, enterprises. We invite families to get involved and be part of these strategies, because no strategy will work without the participation of families and children.”

Mauricio Díaz, Directorate of Environmental Management of the Municipality, stated that families must gradually adopt environmental cultures, "we have to develop activities to reduce waste, reuse and as a last step is recycling, which is very important because we have to start to transform what we had already discarded, turn it into raw material again, turn this raw material into a product again and make it a sustained cycle”.

Nadesna Morales has created her Verde Morena venture for 6 years, she was very happy to participate in this fair where she had the opportunity to publicize the art she makes by recycling fabric, transforming them into earrings, necklaces, sashes, those that it sells at reasonable prices depending on the size and style, "there can be bracelets for 20 córdobas, even very elaborate necklaces with very specific designs, with costs of 500 córdobas."

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