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Comarca Félix Pedro Chavarría inaugurates 6 coated stables

Transforming the lives of families in neighborhoods and communities, the Good Government of the President People, through the capital commune, inaugurated a road improvement project in the Félix Pedro Chavarría region, located in District I.

The inauguration ceremony was attended by Mayor Reyna Rueda Alvarado, who announced that the work consisted of the asphalt coating of 6 blocks, with an investment of 5,300,000 córdobas.

"These families had been waiting a long time, it was impossible to travel, especially in the rainy season, we see the transformations through this model of direct attention to families in the municipality of Managua," said Rueda.

The official added that this work directly benefits 1,528 inhabitants of the sector and its surroundings, who use it as an alternate route, guaranteeing a passable and accessible road network.

For the families of the region it is a dream come true, as stated by the protagonist Aleyda Reyes, "this was terrible in times of rain, we could not travel, we thank God and the Good Government and our Mayor, who is hand in hand hand working with us”.

“We really feel satisfied with our government, because it is a reality for many inhabitants of our sector, because we dreamed of improving conditions, for those of us who travel, the vehicles and the brothers who cultivate the land to be able to take their crops to the markets” Luis Chang said.

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