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Decent Housing Program benefits a family from the Edgar Munguía neighborhood

Mercedes García Rivas together with her family, were benefited by the Decent Housing Program, they live in the Edgard Munguía neighborhood, District I, this family for 17 years lived moments of anguish every time winter came.

When handing over the keys to the new home to its protagonists, the Secretary of the Managua Council, Jennifer Porras López, thanked Mercedes for her patience and trust in this program promoted by the government of Commander Daniel Ortega.

“We thank God for giving us the opportunity to accompany Doña Mercedes through this program, which has allowed us to continue removing more families from vulnerability, our protagonist lived for 17 years exposed to danger and temporary flooding every time. It was raining, having a safe house was her lifelong dream, she never lost faith and trust in our Government. For us, transforming the lives of families is a commitment that we have together with the communities and always working based on the rights of families.”

Doña Mercedes, who lived with her sister and her mother in a wooden house, which due to the passage of time and inclement weather, was falling apart and during the rainy season did not let her sleep due to leaks in the roof and the fear that at any moment it would collapse.

 “I thank God for giving me a safe roof and the Mayor's Office that is interested in housing projects for low-income people. I feel happy because the water will no longer get into me, the sadness that I had before is gone and it gives me courage to continue living longer”.

 “When you have your house scrubbed, you are sad thinking about how to have a better roof and not get wet, but thanks to God and to President Daniel that this project came to the neighborhood,” said Mercedes, who is 62 years old, was a teacher, He never retired and until the year the pandemic began, he lived by selling cleaning products on the streets.

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