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Campaign “Clean City, Capital of All” begins

With the aim of keeping Managua clean and beautiful, the authorities of the Capital District will launch the campaign "Clean City, Capital of All", which seeks to improve the quality of life of its inhabitants, promoting a healthy environment.

The Mayor of Managua, Reyna Rueda Alvarado, presided over this official act in the company of the Vice Mayor Enrique Armas Rosales, the Director of Environmental Management of the Commune and General Manager of the Municipal Company for Integral Waste Treatment, EMTRIDES, Mauricio Díaz, the General Manager from COMMEMA, Freddy Casco and the 16 candidates for Miss Teen.

"We continue to beautify our capital, taking into account the invaluable contribution of the families of the capital, we talk about cleaning, restitution of rights, changes, transformation and in those transformations we have to give our grain of sand each and every one, not just those who we are not here, but all the Nicaraguan brothers and sisters,” said Mayor Rueda.

He added that this campaign is the continuation of many strategies that the Municipality has implemented in coordination with the Central Government, such as the recovery of healthy recreation spaces for families, the acquisition of more than 500 pieces of garbage collection equipment for the community and with this new campaign, the central axis is the elimination of illegal dumps.

Mauricio Díaz, Director of Environmental Management, highlighted that in these illegal dumps there is a greater presence of pruning waste and construction materials and based on this, "EMTRIDES will be taking on the task of providing the service to the population, collection and transfer of this waste, so that it goes directly to the sanitary landfill”.

Díaz stressed that the campaign involves a set of actions, such as the incorporation of mitigation techniques for climate change, focused on reforestation and infiltration in the upper part of the basin, to avoid water saturation, landslides and floods.

The campaign also proposes among its strategies the preservation of the aquatic life of the Tiscapa lagoon and for this, the Municipality acquired a state-of-the-art ultrasonic equipment that will control the growth of algae in this lagoon, eliminating contaminants.

The official commented that work is being done to combine biodiversity with the growth of new urbanizations, encouraging families to put composting processes into practice (generate organic fertilizer), the creation of family gardens to produce vegetables, which allow the sustainable family development.

In addition, feasibility studies will be carried out to replace the fleet of garbage trucks that run on fuel, to garbage trucks powered by electricity and mitigate the emission of carbon dioxide into the environment and thus contribute to the global goals of decontamination and decarbonization.

The authorities urged families to join this campaign that seeks to have a cleaner and more beautiful capital, for the well-being of all.

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